Kepa Acero

Basque Country

Professional surfer and well-known adventurer

Natxo Gonzalez

Basque Country

International big wave surfer

Aritz Aranburu

Basque Country

Internationally renowned surfer

María Martínez

Basque Country

Surfer, sportsman and animal lover

Carlota Jauregi

Basque Country

State longboard champion

Xabi Lopez

Basque Country

A surfer on the rise, he currently lives in Donostia.

Yago Dominguez

Basque Country

Skateboarder, snowboarder and state surfing champion in 2021

Iker Trigueros

Basque Country

Basque surfing champion in 2020

Paloma Oñate

Canary Islands

Adaptive surfing bronze medal in 2020

Aitor Francesena 'Gallo'

Basque Country

Adaptive surfing world champion and mentor

Joseba Mercader

Basque Country

International in adapted surfing

Xabier Ayestaran

Basque Country

Renowned adaptive surfing surfer

Paula Odriozola

Basque Country

Camera, photographer, editor, filmmaker

Arthur Bourbon


Director, filmmaker and screenwriter

Annika von Schülz


Artist, filmmaker and film director

Sunny Breger


International photographer and videographer

Marc Durá


Sports filmmaker specialising in surfing

Yago de la Sotilla


Director and sports filmmaker

Igor Bellido

Basque Country

Photography and videography specialising in sports

Jon Aspuru

Basque Country

Sports filmmaker specialising in surfing

Ana Urrutia

Basque Country

Well-known basque media figure, surfer and yogi. Jury of #LKBSFF2023

Amaia Nerekan

Basque Country

PhD in Audiovisual Communication, filmmaker and Jury of #LKBSFF2023

Germán Pinelo

Canary Islands

Filmmaker, producer and Jury of #LKBSFF2023

Mitxel Andreu

Basque Country

Professional Photographer and Jury of #LKBSFF2023


Claudia Casado


Cameraman, filmmaker, editor and speaker at Audiovisual Networking


Iker Elorrieta

Basque Country

Director, filmmaker and audiovisual producer. Speaker at the Audiovisual Networking

Manu Galarraga

Basque Country

Technician for the Promotion of Culture, Department of Culture and Language Policy, Basque Government

Iñigo Garmendia

Basque Country

Abogado especializado en fiscalidad de industrias creativas y culturales

Jorge López de Guereñu

Basque Country

Multidisciplinary artist and surfer, exhibits during LKBSFF

Susana Andrade

Ericeira, Portugal

Founder and Director of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival

Elodie Salles

Paris, France

Co-founder and Representative of the Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival


Benoit Boyeldieu

Brest, France

Director of the Brest Surf Film Festival

INFO 2023

Organizing Commission 2023

José Ángel Delgado

General Coordination
Zuriñe Larrazabal

Management Support
Amaya Urberuaga

Executive Management
Jesus M. Delgado

Marketing / Image
Amaya Urberuaga

Iñigo Santxo Bombin


Graphic/Audiovisual Design
Unai Zubillaga

Web Management / SSNN
Mikel Zarate

Alberto Urrutia
Olaia Elorriaga
Ana Urrutia

Subtitled in Basque
Itsasne Delgado

Room Management
Arantza Urberuaga
Zaloa Lekanda
Olatz Gómez
Malen Laraudogoitia


Since 2015 trying to unite sport, culture and values and transferring our experience to different spaces, always with outstanding work and results, based on our values: equality, teamwork, inclusion, sustainability...

We have been organising surf festivals in Zierbena and Sopela for years. Since 2020 we do it in Bilbao, becoming the biggest Basque surf festival in the world. We also manage the Street Kirolak platform and events, which promote Basque sport and urban culture. And, of course, we produce documentaries and films, and promote audiovisual creation together with local and international sportsmen and women and personalities.

Each year we face it with more enthusiasm and excitement and each edition is a new challenge because we always try to surpass ourselves and our expectations. The growth compared to previous years, in quality and quantity, both in terms of attendees and activities and cultural content, is always exponential and we expect the same for future projects.

Sponsors and collaborators 2023



Action sponsored by the Council of Bizkaia

With the support of the Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumption of the Basque Government

With the help of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan - NexGenerationEU



in collaboration with Aloka and Fangaloka



3 hotel nights

VIP Access to the entire festival

Surf / Paddle Surf / Jetboard

from 150€


3 hotel nights

VIP Access through all the sessions and activities

from 110€ 


2 hotel nights

VIP Access through all the weekend sessions and activities


from 90€

JURY 2023


Graduate in Information Sciences. Director, presenter and scriptwriter at EITB. Producer and Casting Director at Tiempocero Surfer and competitor for over 35 years.

Nerekan UPV/EHU

PhD in Audiovisual Communication from the UPV/EHU. Master's Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary Film from the UAB in Barcelona. Co-founder and member of the board of Bilbao Web-Fest (Seriesland).

Pinelo @germanpinelo

Higher Technician in Audiovisual Productions. Currently freelance camera operator, video editing, postproduction and photography.

Andreu @mitxelandreu

Renowned photographer and surf cameraman, one of the local legends, with great experience in capturing images and Mitxel the narrative through surfing and sport.